Marion Write (MC)

Marion Write (MC)

Marion Write’s sense of himself as an artist is his natural desire to connect emotion and reason within his listeners, curating his thoughts and realities into vivid stories. With captivating arrangements from song to song, brilliant storytelling and an impressive way of using words, Write is always a refreshing listen, using his perceptions of our surroundings to take you on the highs and lows that life provides naturally. Although Write has released four mixtapes since 2009, recognition of his efforts manifested with the release of his street album ‘Illustrated Example’ (jan. 2012), hosting an outstanding performance and near sold out crowd for his release celebration. His latest offering, ‘Black Gold‘ is highly regarded as his best work to date, complimenting a much edgy approach to mainstream appeal. “He’s been able to strike a unique balance, becoming radio-friendly without sacrificing artistic integrity,” mentions Andreas Hale (Life + Times, The Well Versed).


Write moved to Las Vegas in 2000 from Virginia Beach. Direction from producer Leon Sylvers III structured Marion’s love for music as a child. “I remember coming home from school, going straight to Mr. Leon’s house,” the 26-year old reflects, “After they had us finish our homework, it was straight into writing, recording, dress rehearsals, all that. For the most part, it was music everyday. Not the usual child hood, but it was ideal for me.”

Taking from his favorite artists such as Nas, Mos Def and Clipse, Write is sure to strike the core in hip-hop’s fans. With the keen sense of a hustler to capitalize and continue upward movement, the hunger for more and distaste for satisfaction, be soon to find Marion Write amass a following as large as his passion for music. A huge inspiration for us all, especially amongst all Filipino-Americans alike, Write is an evident addition to the game.

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