Jazi (MC)

Jazi (MC)

Jazi was born Marisa Sundari Freed, March 18, 1991, At 18 years old, she moved from Port Orchard, WA to attend College at the University of Hawaii. She left school as a Sophomore at 19 years old (2011) to pursue a music career, Jazi was “cut off” by her family and close friends financially and emotionally she was left to figure out her next move alone in the streets and music scene – This was the Official birth of “Jazi”. getting her start with local producer “Trackbaby” Christopher Deshields they worked day and night to bring to life what she once hid on pages of notebook paper. Everything from her sound, style, energy, wordplay, topics and stage performance was influenced by her daily struggles with life, lack of support, financial worries, political views, living environment and the backlash of family and old friends turning on her because of her choices.

Jazi used every “negative” and turned it into a positive by networking with those who were willing to collaborate. She expressed her daily situations in her music and music videos which soon became her trademark, she is now known by those that know of her as a (Work-a-holic), honest and down-to-earth kinda chick. Jazi is no stranger to hard work/putting her last dollar behind her music and dealing with the criticism/rocky roads that comes with entering the world of entertainment she proved to be ready earning respect from her peers and newfound fans.

Over the years Jazi has been featured on many major media outlets including Worldstar Hip Hop, XXL, Datpiff, etc. headlining a concert at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center (Hawaii’s Biggest venue) amongst other venues which landed Jazi in the Star Advertiser Honolulu Pulse, the inHonolulu Weekly, Power 104.3, KPRP 650AM, sponsorship from Papa Johns and local clothing brands. Being nominated for best Hip Hop Album of the Year for the Na Hoku Hano Hano Awards 2014 where Jazi was the first “Hip Hop” artist to ever set foot on stage to perform for the Award Ceremony, she also took home the Honolulu Pulse for Best HipHop artist 2014 that same year.


Currently, Jazi is located in Los Angeles, CA where she relocated to network and expand her brand. Jazi recently released her second mixtape, “Talk To The Mic Volume 2” on Mar 27, 2015. She is also working on her upcoming 2nd album “Little Girl, Big Dreams” a project she has been working on since day one to be followed by the “LGBD” Tour in the summer of 2015. Jazi’s movement, “Little Girl Big Dreams” is her mission to inspire and guide people into leading and living a better life through following your dreams whatever they may be; To create a new era in the world of music with more peace, justice, talent, and love.

Jazi is not your typical female HipHop artist speaking on irrelevant topics, she speaks on everyday issues and real life situations. This bite size (5ft) white/indonesion has a flame that will not be put out anytime soon, she is here to stay and has already made a mark in the game. Despite haters and doubters of females in the world of HipHop Jazi Proves she can hold her own in a male dominated industry.

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