When you think of the Vallejo rap scene more then likely the first few names that probably pops in mind is Mac Dre, E40, N2DEEP and Baby Bash just to name a few. Drew Lago better know to his supporters and fans as DL da ARSUN, is an artist who could definitely be added to the category of the elite Vallejo rappers.

DL has been rapping since he was 9 years old. By age 14, he knew that rapping is what he wanted to pursue as a career and life long dream. Then reality hits him, becoming a hip hop artist was not easy. In fact, he said words that best describes his journey was discouraging, intimidating, difficult, extremely challenging, and financially draining. DL says, “thats when I knew I was Built 2 Grind, although people would tell me otherwise, even if people overlooked me it didn’t at ALL affect my hunger level. All I knew is I was going to try my best to be one of the best filipino rappers point blank period regardless what anyone says.” With that mindset and perseverance after a decade plus years finally the fruits of DL’s labor started to come into existence. He first got played on Sacramento radio station, 102.5 KSFM, then made it on 106.1 KMEL’S HOME TURF several times. His videos are pretty much on rotation at California Music Channel with Chuy Gomez along with his clothing. He’s been in the Vallejo newspaper three times, and in two different Filipino newspapers as well. Not to mention his first worldwide TV appearance on GMA Pinoy TV on a show called “Power Ng Pinoy” about young inspiring filipinos who’s making a change in the community for the better. All of this was achieved simply by staying focused, being positive, and GRINDING out the adversities DL faced during his path to success.

DL is also the founder of Built 2 Grind, which originally started off as an independent record label and now branched out into several different entities. But what took off and spread like wildfire was DL’s Built 2 Grind hoodie. During the tail end of 2010, DL made one hoodie for a performance. From that one hoodie in a matter of a few months, he sold over 300 hoodies in the Bay Area alone which then sales started to leak over to different states such as Nevada, Texas, Hawaii, and southern California. It was more than just a hoodie with a design, the meaning caused such a positive and empowering impact to people worldwide. DL’s music and his brand B2G ironically worked parallel to each other and with the combine forces his buzz in the industry became stronger by the day. Through DL’s actions naturally he was given the name Mr. Built 2 Grind, which describes who he is perfectly. No one has no idea the struggles and experiences he has faced, but he has the best fans and supporters out there that fuels the fire.

Recently he released his 2nd official album featuring artist such as B-Legit, CR of CRSB, Joey Guila and Danked Out just to name a few. As time goes on DL’s career slowly but surely inclines and he gets closer to the bigger picture. You can catch DL talking to kids at schools as a motivational speaker. He said the formula he uses is believe in yourself, stay positive, and G.R.I.N.D, which stands for “Getting Results Is Non-Stop Determination.”

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