Alvin Cacdac (MMA Fighter)

Alvin Cacdac (MMA Fighter)

His name is Alvin Cacdac, also known as The Filipino Phenom or Cacdaddy! Alvin is an MMA Fighter who displays nothing but continuity towards this popular sport moving forward, while staying all along the edges.

Alvin was born in the Philippines. Those he encounters know that he is one of the most humble, passionate, hardworking fighters in the MMA Sports Game today. His humble beginning lies in 1986 as a toddler, when his father migrated to the U.S. with his 6 children. The opportunity would be a heartbreaking departure leaving behind his mom, and baby sister in the process.

Alvin grew very close to his father and was devastated when he passed away due to natural illness. His grandmother (a widow herself) was the benefiting factor to take the role of his father. This did not in any way cease her one bit. She knew first hand how to instill the characteristic traits that we witness today as love ones & close friends, in other words the kindness, graciousness, studious mannerism, and the display of the utmost courtesy towards others. Alvin epitomizes, and is a strong vindication of his strong stable family support system.

In 1997 he simply grew overweight, and became susceptible to being bullied constantly. This is when Greco Roman Wrestling first captured his interests. He developed his master of deception ground game during his tenure in High School and proceeded to take his wrestling forte to West Valley College. He would then transition, and redirect all his efforts into now one of the greatest sports venue ever dreamt, Mixed Martial Arts.

In 2003 Alvin experienced a moderate delay. Like any member of society, he established a primary job to make ends meat. This would not in any way damper, or hinder his love for his burning passion. Till this day, he remains employed from his daily 9-5 grind, but stays focused, and dedicated to his rigorous training, and grueling regimens. This is just a great testimonial of putting your heart into your passion, and setting out towards what you want to achieve. When Alvin imposes his will against all odds there are no barricades, obstacles, and mountains that cannot be conquered in any real time speed.

He proudly, represents with prestige along with his Unlimited MMA Team in the heart of Milpitas, California. A Top Flight MMA Establishment and where he experiences his many multiple signature moments that culminate towards his well deserved wins.

Regardless if it is here in the inner cities of the US, or in the poverty stricken provinces of the Philippines, Alvin has many avid observers and admirers throughout overseas and beyond. Present time Alvin was crowned victorious and now holds the PXC Flyweight Championship which he dedicated to his late cousin Stanley Cacdac!

For Alvin Cacdac he has just yet started to scratch the surface. One day he will be recognized and acknowledged by the primary purveyors of this sport. His ultimate destination is the UFC!

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